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The more I cook and read, the more I realise that all good food comes from good basic ingredients that have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. Straight from the earth and as unadulterated and unprocessed as possible, these ingredients make up the recipes in The Natural Pantry. We are fortunate to live in the country and have space for a vegetable garden, much of what I cook comes from our garden but today with the advent of so many farm shops, farmers markets, vegetable boxes and supermarkets supplying locally grown produce, there is the opportunity for even the busiest city dweller to enjoy a natural and healthy diet. I hope you enjoy these seasonal, delicious and simple recipes Рby slowly introducing  new recipes and ingredients into your diet you can eat more of what you know is good for you!

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Sally and her family moved to Suffolk in 2002 and opened The Old Rectory as a boutique bed and breakfast, this was the inspiration for the Natural Pantry and was where the early recipes were created and served. After twelve years of owning The Old Rectory, Sally and Mike sold the business and  moved to a new home in Suffolk where Sally continues to write her recipes and is busy creating another glorious vegetable garden.

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Through The Natural Pantry I hope to share with you some of the delicious recipes discovered whilst cooking in my kitchen with produce grown in our garden and the very best natural ingredients.