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10,000 steps and my Fitbit!

I have had my Fitbit for a month and I am addicted – but it’s all good as my addiction is to walking, namely doing 10,000 steps a day. My Fitbit Flex is a wireless activity tracker which I wear as a bracelet and each day it records how many steps I walk ( or run – not really in my case! ), the distance I walk, how many calories I burn and also records my sleep pattern, plus lots more. It’s all recorded on my IPhone so I can check throughout the day how I’m doing. 

It has really made me try to achieve 10,000 steps a day which you cannot achieve having a day at home – you need a good walk each day or even two somedays. Our two dogs love my new bracelet! It’s so simple and fun, today Maddy has borrowed it to go to school with to see how many steps she walks in a day getting to lessons – am hoping well below 10,000, so she takes the dogs out when she gets home!

Get onto Amazon and buy someone a healthy, fun present – sorry have to dash am going for a walk!

2 comments on “10,000 steps and my Fitbit!

Liz Norris

02 Mar 2015

Hi Sally,
I knew you’d love it and become a devotee! Please can we have the delicious date cake recipe that we enjoyed last month! I’m off to walk too – Meggie almost groans when I reach for the lead these days! x



    22 Apr 2015

    Yes of course. Will post next month.


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