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Fresh corn relish

There is nothing quite like freshly cooked, juicy corn that oozes buttery flavour.This simple relish/salad has lots of texture, loads of colour and a welcome side to almost any main course.
Children love it.
You can always use a tin of corn if there is no fresh corn in the shops, not quite as good but sometimes needs must!

Fresh corn relish

Serves 4

2 corn cobs
1 red pepper diced in small cubes
1 green pepper diced in small cubes
1 yellow pepper diced in small cubes
half a red onion diced in small cubes
2 tbs friuty olive oil
2 tbs sweet chilli sauce
salt and pepper to taste

handful of fresh parsley chopped

Begin by cooking the cobs in boiling, slight salted water for about 5/10 minutes. Until the corn is softened.
Remove the corn kernels from the cobs by simply slicing down the cobs.
Add the kernels to the other ingredients, mix and season.

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