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Frozen yoghurt ice-cream

Still trying to think what you would like for Christmas? Well my very favourite Christmas present from three years ago is definitely my ice-cream maker; it’s a Cuisinart, simple to use, and makes wonderful ice creams and sorbets, from strawberry and balsamic to plum and earl grey tea! Making ice cream is a great way to use up surpluses of garden fruit, so satisfying and delicious.

This frozen yoghurt recipe was given to me by a friend in America and is a real winner and a great dessert to get in the freezer for Christmas, here I serve it with some shortbread biscuits flavoured with lavender but it’s fabulous with any poached fruit or berries. Use good Greek yoghurt, I use yoghurt from Marybelle, a wonderful dairy in Suffolk producing the very best Greek style yoghurt and who has supplied us for years. I have tried with soya yoghurt too but the result was rather grainy.

For wonderful ice-cream recipes look at –  Lola’s Ice Cream and Sundaes:Ice delights for all seasons by Morfudd Richards

Makes a litre  (my ice- cream maker holds two litres, so if yours is the same size do double the recipe – it will all get eaten)

Frozen yoghurt ice-cream

Serves 4

  • 750g Greek yoghurt
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

Whisk the sugar into the Greek yoghurt and then stir in the vanilla essence.

Place the mixture in your ice- cream maker and churn until nearly set.

Transfer to a plastic tub and store in freezer until needed.

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