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Goats yoghurt panna cotta with blackberry

Having just returned from a glorious time in Italy – thought I would make a truly Italian dessert topped off with some very English blackberries, picked from the hedgerows this weekend. The blackberry vinegar in the topping contrasts perfectly with the creamy panna cotta and a splash of vinegar is so good for you ! It can help with digestion, high in potassium and magnesium which should also increase energy levels and boost that heart!

I have used goats yoghurt which is very creamy but you could just use a good Greek yoghurt if you prefer.




Goats yoghurt panna cotta with blackberry

Serves 6

300ml double cream

2 leaves of gelatine – use agar agar  for vegetarians 1tps per cup of liquid

75 ml milk

50g icing sugar

300 ml goats yoghurt.

For the topping

100g of blackberries

200g icing sugar

splash of blackberry vinegar



Heat the cream gently, bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes so it is slightly reduced. Allow to cool.

Soak the gelatine in cold water until softened (or prepare the agar agar if you are using) Squeeze out the excess liquid from the gelatine sheets and add to the milk which should be slightly warm. Stir till dissolved

Stir in the cream.

Sieve in icing sugar and yoghurt.

Pour into 6 small serving glasses – refrigerate.

For the topping bring the three ingredients to the boil – simmer for a few minutes.

Check the taste then allow to cool before pouring onto cooled panna cotta.

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