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Mandarin and pistachio farro salad

Farro is an Italian word that encompasses three varieties of heirloom grains: einkorn, spelt and emmer wheat.  These are referred to respectively as farro piccolo, farro grande and farro medio.  So rather than being a single grain, farro is a collection of three grains and the term farro can refer to any of these three grains.

In a culinary sense, the word “farro” on a menu usually refers to any of these three grains cooked as the whole wheat berry, and left whole. Sadly, it is not gluten free but people do tend to find these older varieties provide an easier form of gluten to digest.

Don’t be tempted to over cook Farro – it’s delicious cooked for about ten minutes and retaining a good bite, it’s nutty and absorbs all the lovely flavours of the oil, lemon and orange blossom.


Mandarin and pistachio farro salad

Serves 6

250g Farro

2 tbsp fruity olive oil

1 tbsp orange blossom water

juice of half a lemon

50g chopped pistachios

3 mandarins – peeled and then each segment peeled to remove outer membrane. chopped

2 tbsp of chopped fresh mint

salt and pepper

Cook the farro as per the packet instructions – which would normally be to boil in salted water for ten minutes and then drain.

Add the oil, orange blossom water and lemon juice whilst the grains are warm.

Once chilled add the chopped pistachios, the cut up segments of the peeled mandarins and chopped mint.

Season with salt and pepper.


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