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Orange, date and geranium salad

Tunisians use an aromatic water made from rose scented geraniums in some of their culinary preparations, particularly pastries. La’atarcha (or atarcha) is a Moroccan Arabic word used for Robert Geranium (geranium robertianum), a medicinal flowering plant valued for its antiseptic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and healing properties.Robert Geranium is also known as Herb Robert and Red Robin.

Having soaked up lots of sun, rose geranium blooms and leaves are full of heavenly essential oil. The lightest brush with your finger releases a scent that makes you feeling like you’re standing in a rose garden.

In Morrocco orange blossom water is more widely used and can be substituted in this recipe.

Try a geranium rose scented liqueur from www.the!

geranium drink





Orange, date and geranium salad

Serves 8

8 large juicy oranges

1 tbsp sugar

100g chopped dates

zest of two limes

2 tbsp geranium water

Peel the oranges ensuring you remove all the white pith, pips and any central hard core. Retain all the juice you can

Slice the oranges thinly and arrange in a dish.

Pour all the juice into a small pan and add the sugar, bring to the boil slowly. Turn off the heat and add the lime zest and dates. When cool add the geranium water and pour over the oranges.

Delicious to serve this with a dollop of greek yogurt or as an accompaniment to a lovely slice of polenta cake!

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