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The secret of a really good crumble….

The secret is in the sugar – you probably already knew this – a delicious crumble topping is made by using a Demerara or soft brown sugar in the mix –  the result is a rich caramelisation of the fruit, crumble with a crunch and a hint of toffee –  forget all about white sugar! It’s all about molasses of which there is even more in Muscavado, so, if you want an even deeper richness pop in a mix of two brown sugars.

There are plenty of other recommendations from great chefs such as Raymond Blanc who suggests you should pre cook your crumble first, Ottolenghi adds nuts and oats, even quinoa is getting a showing! I say just keep it simple, great fruit, which there is plenty of this year and a basic crumble mix of three key ingredients – butter, plain flour and good brown sugar.

This recipe is for six individual ramekins of blackberry and apple crumble

The secret of a really good crumble….

Serves 6


225g plain flour

75g butter at room temperature

100g brown sugar



1kg fruit ( here I used 800g bramley apples and 200g blackberries)

2 tbsp brown sugar

Peel and core the apples, slice but not too thinly. Put the apples and sugar in a pan and soften for a couple of minutes. Add the blackberries and then divide the mixture between the ramekins. Taste to check there is enough sugar and that the mixture is not too juicy or the crumble will become mushy

Place the flour in a large bowl and rub in the butter. It should look like breadcrumbs. Add the sugar. Sprinkle over fruit.

Cook 180 °c  for 30/40 minutes – the crumble should be just browning.

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