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What an amazing month!

Six Figures to Breakthrough!

We are thrilled and proud to announce that Breakthrough Breast Cancer will receive £101,300 from Art for Cure thanks to everyone’s wonderful support, generosity and kindness.It has been an exciting journey from the seed of an idea for an art and sculpture exhibition and after 6 months of planning and organisation we are delighted that it has been such a success.Thank you to every single person who contributed: the artists and sculptors who trusted us in our first curated exhibition; to our local businesses who loyally sponsored the event; to the wonderful hard work of our committee and team of tireless volunteers who gave us so much of their time. And especially to all of you who flooded through our doors to support us, we couldn’t have done it without you!We sold nearly £200,000 worth of Art and Sculpture producing a gallery commission of around £67,000 for Breakthrough with the balance of the total result of £101,300 being made up of funds raised from our generous sponsors, silent auction, raffle and donations. For further details please read our Treasurer’s Statement.Every cloud has a silver lining and as we are both now through our treatment we feel incredibly proud to have initiated this event and made such a significant financial contribution to this very vital charity helping the future for women with breast cancer.Some careful reflection and planning is now required for the way forward and we are delighted to announce that most of the artists and sculptors have agreed to let us sell their remaining work online with new work also being introduced .This is the beginning of the Art for Cure Online Gallery. We hope to carefully curate an online gallery with established and up and coming new artists locally and nationally and are pleased to say that the commissions will continue to benefit Breast Cancer Research.In the weeks to come, Art for Cure will be registered with the Charities Commission to ensure that its continuing contribution will be governed appropriately. We hope that you will spread the news to those who weren’t able to join us and together we will contribute to the journey of finding a Cure for Breast Cancer!

Thank you once again to everyone!

With love  Belinda and Sally xx


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