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Yellow courgette carpaccio

When we think of carpaccio it is normally a plate of thinly sliced raw beef, well that wouldn’t be very Natural Pantry! So this is my veggie version of thinly sliced baby yellow courgettes, they have grown so well in the kitchen garden this year that we are now facing baskets of them on an almost daily basis!

The dressing is simple, a good glug of virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon on a pile of rocket and roasted pine nuts ( just read that there is to be world shortage of these so do stock up!) Roasting pine nuts in the oven is always fun – so often I forget they are in, hope you all have the same problem – largest count so far is three burnt batches in a row!

Have also been having fun stuffing the courgette flowers with a herby ricotta mixture and then frying them in a light batter – need to practise a few times more to make the photo look as good as the taste!

Yellow courgette carpaccio

Serves 6

  • 3 baby yellow courgettes
  • a good handful of fresh rocket
  • 2 tbp of virgin olive oil
  • juice of a lemon
  • 50g pinenuts roasted for a few minutes in a hot oven to colour
  • Optional shavings of parmesan for non vegans
  • salt and pepper to taste

Slice the courgettes as thinly as you can, a mandolin is great for this if you have one and feel confident to use without slicing your fingers!

Arrange the courgettes of a large flat platter.

Pile the rocket on top and scatter with pine nuts. Then drizzle over the olive oil and lemon juice, season to taste.

Add thin shavings of parmesan, omit if you want this to remain a vegan dish.

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2 comments on “Yellow courgette carpaccio


15 Aug 2013

Your recipe MailChimps are really nicely done! And delicious too!



    11 Nov 2013

    Thank you!


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